Today’s customers can be very demanding; they won’t accept delays in delivery, incorrect dispatches and out of stock excuses. QX gives you the tools to exceed those demands.

As with all areas of QX, Warehouse Management can be configured in various ways, with the added benefit of expanding the functionality as required. The capacity for multiple warehouses, be they physical or virtual, is standard functionality within QX, as is the fully located stock be it first in first out (FIFO), serial lot traceable or a mixture of both!

Seamless visibility of real time customer order status within the dispatch environment allows the sales staff to advise your customers of the exact position of their order within the dispatch cycle and escalate the dispatch priority if required. They have the power to know which operative is picking, checking or packing their goods, without leaving their desk or picking up the telephone. Amendments to the order can be made simply and easily, automatically notifying the warehouse. This not only removes the need for foot or telephone traffic between departments, but also reduces the number of incorrect dispatches and therefore customer returns.

Why not integrate to your courier or route-manage the deliveries of your own fleet of vehicles, directly from QX, to take the customer services direct to the door?

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