Do you know the true production costs for your goods, from acquiring raw materials through to receiving payment?

Many manufacturers don’t, meaning you may be setting the price of your goods incorrectly. QX will give you total control of every element of the manufacturing process.

The QX system has a fully traceable works order and bill of materials solution for manufacturing and kitting operations. This includes a structure that allows you to analyse and estimate for any value processes while monitoring the related costs, all of which is essential in building the true value of your manufactured goods.

The Openda bill of materials system is a streamlined process for estimation and full batch control of component including time, batch, piece, labour & machine related costing. By use of both component and finished goods warehousing, Openda ensures tight control and accurate evaluation of your kitting and manufacturing process.

QX manufacturing system is a real time solution giving immediate visibility of your manufacturing resources. This is essential, whether being used for internal processing or utilising external contractors or outworkers.

QX gives you the ability to carry out detailed monitoring of any transaction from enquiry to customer order; and manufacturing through to delivery, without leaving your desk.

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