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For any sales force, knowledge is power and easy real time access to that knowledge is essential.

The QX system has the ability to produce simple and complex customer quotations, enabling increases in potential sales with its user-friendly negotiation tools. The powerful quotation system gives essential information such as price and delivery details for every item, along with other information such as multiple quantity price breaks for both Nett and discount pricing; alternative, associated & replacement items, as well as customer and item specific notations.

Sales order processing is a seamless continuation of the quotation system with full quotation to order conversion capabilities.

Once an order is created, standard customer parameters are set. However, full control at order level is available to amend details such as priority, delivery address and courier. Order lines can be for a single delivery, scheduled for future dates or reserved for call-off as required.

Regardless of order type, order lines and schedules can be allocated against stock, customer reservations, works orders, expected receipts (GRN), warehouse transfers or purchase orders. This ensures complete control and visibility of the allocation of stock, both on hand and expected, to your customer demand.

On completion of order input the automated credit release process eliminates human intervention, whilst maintaining full credit control, the result being, order entry to warehouse dispatch is practically instantaneous.

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