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Statistics show that 90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster go out of business within 2 years and 80% of all company’s, that undergo a major fire, never actually recover (UK Audit Office).

Disaster Recovery is the ability to respond to an interruption in services by implementing a plan to restore a company’s critical business functions. In order to recover from an incident as quickly as possible and to ensure the minimum disruption to customers and the lowest possible financial loss, a disaster recovery plan should be in place to restore the Openda system to full operation enabling the business to continue functioning.

In light of the ever increasing business continuity risks being faced by businesses and the necessity to ensure business critical systems remain operational with minimum downtime, Openda has 2 business continuity and disaster recovery services for customers: standard and premium. These two options are designed to give you security in the knowledge that in the event of the unfortunate occurring your future is secure.

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