In the wholesale distribution and manufacturing industries, space and time are money. Therefore it is essential to have tight control of stock levels, orders and locations.

To ensure efficiency levels are high, you need transparent access to data across the system, so that informed up to the minute decisions can be made. There is no point having stock arrive a day after the customer wants it or too soon so it sits on a shelf taking up room.

The Openda purchasing suite allows you to track sales trends and stock levels, minimising stock liabilities while maximising profit. By careful use of stock coding, analysis can be made to vary stock levels according to the availability and usage of each product.

Openda allows the allocation of expected stock to be held against sales orders, covering demand and preventing stock misallocation. Tight controls prevent the allocated non- stock items being removed without the Purchase Department’s prior approval.

The Item universal access module (UAM) allows up to the minute interrogation of customer orders, purchase orders and manufacturing works orders; the ability to interrogate all item movements ensures seamless fulfillment of demand.

QX has a fully traceable Manufacturing and Bill of Materials (BOM) system to allow for multi-level manufacturing and kitting.

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