Driven by excellence

Located in the picturesque Wiltshire countryside just outside Swindon, we have an enviable client base and are privileged to work with people up and down the UK as well as wider afield into the USA and mainland Europe. Our vision is to provide a big brand experience while maintaining the unique benefits of a small company’s approach to customer service.

At Openda we value strong client relationships above everything else. We understand our customers require a highly personalised service based on mutual trust, accountability and flexibility. They also want a product that really works. Put the two together – and you’ve got Openda.

The importance of our customers

For us, customers are never just another number on the list. We put our effort into creating a deeper level of relationship than can be found at any of the ‘mass-producers’ of software.

Financially stable and entirely self-funded, we do without hoards of shareholders to satisfy. Instead, managed growth and sustainability is at the heart of what we do – because our customers rely on us to be there for them no matter what.

Our motto is ‘Performance starts with understanding’. And understanding is based on having access to the right data at the right time – so we ensure our ‘QX’ software does just that for every area of business, for all our clients.

Our 4 key values


Make them, prioritise them and follow through on them.


Asking the question why? To look for the insight for the how.


Everyone’s job is to be the quality assurance manager.


Central to everything we do.

Nathan Bell

Managing Director

Nathan has been the Managing Director and driving force behind Openda for the last 10 years having developed his self taught skills in programming and ERP solution design from the age of 18 after joining the family business in 1997.

Nathan’s vision and ambition is for everything to always be done better than it was before which keeps Openda striving to be the best. The drive to improve and the saying “we can do anything” when it comes to development may challenge the development team but with his technical skills and vision he is able to work with the team to make sure Openda achieves.

What out clients have to say about us

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