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QX Remote PC

The Remote PC module allows remote sales staff to update and maintain the Openda system with their valuable information. Sales staff can readily view and enter details offline on their laptop, detailing sales calls whilst at the same time tasking inside sales/technical personnel with actions to be completed.

On synchronising with the central system they are then able to see any quotations sent out, as well as responses to the tasks they have previously requested.

QX Mobile

QX Mobile is designed around the travelling sales person who needs customer details on the move. Have access to customers, contacts, historic sales statistics and tasks all from their mobile phone. This tool is not just reactive it allows the addition of data and creation of sales visit notes and future actions, all simultaneously synchronising with head office.

QX Direct Van Sales

The Van Sales mobile devices are for direct sales people that have the need to create invoices and credits for sales from mobile warehouses. QX Direct Van Sales hold customer, contacts, sales history, customer pricing and credit information; all the elements required for efficient remote trading.

Once the visit is complete the sales information and stock movement are syncronised back to head office, without the need for human intervention.

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