Outside of your physical stock, your next biggest asset is probably your customer base. To best serve your customer needs, you require instant access to real time information for all past and present transactions. This is only the tip of your requirements if you’re to maximise the potential of each customer, while maintaining a healthy bottom line.

We understand the level of customer information required to maintain high levels of service and generate profitable sales. Therefore the ease of use of QX and the detail provided will keep the most demanding sales team happy.

The QX software is designed to give ease of access to key data, essential for managing tasks related to developing and maintaining a healthy business and making informed decisions at the point of sale or quotation.

The seamless integration will give your business a concise and accurate view of vital information including, payment histories, past and present transaction history and available credit balances, without the need for duplicate data entries.

As well as quotation, order progressing and financial reviews, you can also carry out full contact maintenance, store essential competition and project information, whilst monitoring the responses received from marketing activity. Statistical reviews can also be viewed within the sales universal access module (UAM) making it a powerful part of the system – an essential tool for any sales force.

Seamless links to customer maintenance and the Item universal access module (UAM) all combine to ensure your have accurate, up to date information in an easy to use format.

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