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In the wholesale distribution and manufacturing industries, space and time are money. Therefore it is essential to have tight control of stock levels, orders and locations.

To ensure efficiency levels are high, staff need transparent access to data across the system, so that informed up to the minute decisions can be made. There is no point having stock arrive a day after the customer wants it, or having insufficient stock to meet established customer demand.

The QX purchasing suite allows you to track sales trends and stock levels, minimising stock liabilities while maximising profit. By careful use of stock coding, analysis can be made to vary stock levels according to the availability and usage of each product. The QX purchase proposal option is able to calculate your stock requirements and recommend the best buying solution.

Openda allows the allocation of expected stock to be allocated to sales orders, covering demand and preventing stock misallocation. Tight controls prevent the allocated of any back-to-back items being removed without the Purchase Department’s prior approval.

The Purchasing universal access module (UAM) allows up to the minute interrogation of customer orders, ensuring seamless fulfillment of demand. This ability gives you the confidence to place purchase orders for the desired quantity at the best price available.

Both supplier standard and discounted rates can be held for ease of purchasing along with supplier item codes, minimum order quantities, lead times and units of measure. All designed to reduce the margin for error.

Additional QX Modules:

Sales & Marketing

For any sales force, knowledge is power and easy real time access to that knowledge is essential.

The QX system has the ability to produce simple and complex customer quotations, enabling increases in potential sales with its user-friendly negotiation tools. The powerful quotation system gives essential information such as price and delivery details for every item, along with other information such as multiple quantity price breaks for both Nett and discount pricing; alternative, associated & replacement items, as well as customer and item specific notations.

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Customer Relationship Manager

Outside of your physical stock, your next biggest asset is probably your customer base. To best serve your customer needs, you require instant access to real time information for all past and present transactions. This is only the tip of your requirements if you’re to maximise the potential of each customer, while maintaining a healthy bottom line.

We understand the level of customer information required to maintain high levels of service and generate profitable sales. Therefore the ease of use of QX and the detail provided will keep the most demanding sales team happy.

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Inventory Management

In the wholesale distribution and manufacturing industries, space and time are money. Therefore it is essential to have tight control of stock levels, orders and locations.

To ensure efficiency levels are high, you need transparent access to data across the system, so that informed up to the minute decisions can be made. There is no point having stock arrive a day after the customer wants it or too soon so it sits on a shelf taking up room.

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Warehouse Management

Today’s customers can be very demanding; they won’t accept delays in delivery, incorrect dispatches and out of stock excuses. QX gives you the tools to exceed those demands.

As with all areas of QX, Warehouse Management can be configured in various ways, with the added benefit of expanding the functionality as required. The capacity for multiple warehouses, be they physical or virtual, is standard functionality within QX, as is the fully located stock be it first in first out (FIFO), serial lot traceable or a mixture of both!

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Do you know the true production costs for your goods, from acquiring raw materials through to receiving payment?

Many manufacturers don’t, meaning you may be setting the price of your goods incorrectly. QX will give you total control of every element of the manufacturing process.

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Sales Ledger

Openda knows the importance of profitable sales and how delayed payments can affect cash flow and therefore hinder the development of your company.

The QX sales ledger universal access module (UAM) gives access to all of the information required to prevent bad debts, whilst ensuring valued customers receive the prompt service and transaction processing they expect.

Purchase Ledger

Openda understands the importance of having effective control of suppliers’ accounts. This is only ensured by maintaining precise, up to date records.

The QX purchase ledger is a multi-currency, open item ledger with all its invoices and credits input directly. Invoices may be trade invoices reconciled to receipt lines or overhead items.

Nominal Ledger

Today’s financial departments need instant access to detailed transaction and financial information without needing to move repeatedly around a system to find it.

The QX system has at its heart a very powerful tool in the Nominal Ledger. This is the central repository for key financial data where every action that has taken place within the purchase ledger, sales ledger, cashbook and inventory appears as a detailed entry

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With over 200 standard reports many of which can run in multiple ways, the reporting structure within QX is comprehensive. With reporting broken down into the business categories such as Sales, Finance and Purchasing, navigation is easy to achieve. Options to create favourite reports speeds up access for those used on a regular basis.

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Document Management

The integrated Electronic Document Storage and Retrieval feature dispenses with the need for filing key documents such as customer orders, picking lists, receipt documents or any other document you require. These are scanned as a batch to server files, using a standard digital photocopier. The Document Image files are automatically processed by a PC-based “scanning engine” which reads the document type and reference and stores the file in a manner so that it can be found very quickly when needed, making the process easy and quick, with little user involvement.

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Business Continuity

& Disaster Recovery

Statistics show that 90% of businesses that lose data from a disaster go out of business within 2 years and 80% of all company’s, that undergo a major fire, never actually recover (UK Audit Office).

Disaster Recovery is the ability to respond to an interruption in services by implementing a plan to restore a company’s critical business functions. In order to recover from an incident as quickly as possible and to ensure the minimum disruption to customers and the lowest possible financial loss, a disaster recovery plan should be in place to restore the Openda system to full operation enabling the business to continue functioning.

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The modern day business needs to become a 24 hour operation as customers are wanting both instant access to both information and the ability to purchase goods from anywhere around the world. If your company doesn’t offer this essential service the potential customer will go elsewhere. Openda have the ability to create for you or link to existing E-commerce sites so you can give customers the ability to check stock availability and pricing, as well as place and progress orders online.

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QX Mobile

For the Sales Force

The Remote PC module allows remote sales staff to update and maintain the Openda system with their valuable information. Sales staff can readily view and enter details offline on their laptop, detailing sales calls whilst at the same time tasking inside sales/technical personnel with actions to be completed.

On synchronising with the central system they are then able to see any quotations sent out, as well as responses to the tasks they have previously requested.

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