Bray Healthcare

Bray Healthcare manufactures medicines, medical devices and general pharmacy products for a wide range of healthcare providers as well as wholesale distributors and retail pharmacies.

They also sell an extensive selection of everyday items into convenience stores across the UK.

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Project Specifications

Why Openda?

Nick Jones, Managing Director of Bray Healthcare, explains “I worked in this business from 2002, then bought the company in 2006. Having struggled with the old IT system for four years I knew it was a dog’s breakfast. We had to find something that gave us live stock – something comprehensive and fully integrated that provided all the information we needed simply and easily.”

Nick thoroughly researched his options for almost 12 months before choosing Openda. “I got people in, I visited some suppliers, I looked at a lot of products and I asked loads of questions. We started with the big guys like Microsoft and SAP, and went down to the very small outfits who could design us a whole new system from scratch. We also looked at add-ons to what we already had. But nothing came close to what Openda were offering. They understood what I was saying and each time I talked to them I could have a meaningful conversation – without somebody sticking an invoice under my nose!

“Openda were the only company that could show me their product being used live in a working environment,” Nick continues. “They had a client near us, so we went into their warehouse, to see people using the QX system on live terminals and screens. We also went into their sales office and their accounts office, and talked to people using it. You get a terrific amount of information from an experience like that and a huge shot of confidence…it was all very positive.”

The 5 Key Features Why QX Was Chosen
  • System Capability & Flexibility
  • Boosting Productivity & Efficiency
  • Intuitive Sales Team Support
  • Responsive & Reliable Customer Support
  • Cost Savings
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