Providing Total Business Software Solutions

We recognise that running a business is challenging and that in reality no two companies operate in the same way. We therefore make it our mission to understand our customers’ individual business and operating procedures. We will ensure that our QX software is an asset to you business and not a barrier to your growth. It is this flexibility which leads to the continue development of QX introducing new key modules as and when the opportunity arises.

Specialist Modules of QXIn addition to the core elements of QX, we have also developed a number of leading edge specialist modules

Purchase Proposal & Forecasting

Real time item Forecasting and seasonal Weighting, as well as advanced calculation controls, to assess stock levels in moments.

QX Extended Business Intelligence (BI)

This extended tool allows users to view, query, drill down and visualise data without the traditional requirement of needing an IT Department to create reports.

E-mail Marketing

Track which recipients open marketing emails, and analyse the different links that are clicked on by the email recipient, as part of the email campaign

Touch Screen Warehouse

Provides many advantages over keyboard use e.g. ability to wear gloves or other forms of PPE (personal protective equipment), cuts the time taken to learn a new system by reducing key strokes and can overcome the issues related to new users who have lack of experience in using a keyboard;.

Digital Image Processing

Digital storage, retrieval and linking of documentation within the system.

Courier Systems

Integrates QX to most couriers’ postal systems, removing the need for user data input and the inherent issues of any retype errors

IT Support ServicesIn conjunction with our QX product, we also have a number of IT services, which we can provide

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Including replacement of equipment, backups, restoration of systems in the event of a disaster.

Online Backups

Ensuring all data is protected and fully backed-up ready for access as and when required.

Infrastructure Management

Fully managed and supported infrastructure service for multi site orientated Customers.


Advice and sourcing of hardware requirements for Customers including a configuration/installation service.

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